“Nature does nothing in vain. ~ Aristotle”


Silence is truth. Silence is bliss. Silence is peace. And hence silence is the Self.

—    Ramana Maharshi (via yeshecholwa)

Go out into the woods. Go out where no one can see and pour your heart out to divine mystery. Let mind flow out from mind until silence sublimes. Let thought’s confused insistence slip from tongue and lip until silence settles. Then true prayer awakens.

—    Traktung Yeshe Dorje (via yeshecholwa)

(Source: lazyyogi, via yeshecholwa)


365 Days of Documenting Parisians Through Stunning Street Portraits

Russian-born art director Constantin Mashinskiy has taken to the streets of Paris to document the iconic city’s inhabitants, one striking portrait at a time. The photographer reached out to us to share his impressive series 365 Parisians (365 Parisiens, in French), for which he plans to capture a street portrait of a stranger in Paris every day for an entire year.


Vertigo-Inducing, Bottom-Up Shots Of Colorful High-Rise Buildings In Hong Kong

Photographer Peter Stewart’s photo series, ‘Stacked’, presents Hong Kong’s high-rise buildings from an unusual perspective.